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Liplid, recently named the world’s best coffee cup lid, is now launching a collaboration with restaurant chain MAX. The innovative Swedish lid offers a better, safer and more natural way to drink on the go and will be available at all MAX restaurants in Sweden. Liplid, an alternative to plastic lids, is 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

“For us at MAX, this collaboration is a perfect solution. We work continuously to develop our business and our menu to reduce our climate footprint. And we always strive to improve the experience for our guests. We’ve analyzed the coffee lids on the market and focused in on Liplid as the best out there."

Malin Laurén, Global Head of Purchasing at MAX Burgers


MAX sells two million coffee cups every year.  For Swedish Liplid, developer of the groundbreaking lid, the collaboration with MAX is recognition that they have truly developed one of the world’s best lids.


“Sustainability is not just an empty word at MAX – it’s integrated into their values and actions. They are also very focused on combining sustainability with a positive customer experience"

Jesper Berthold, CEO of Liplid


Liplid is eco-friendly and uniquely functional. The lid, which now makes it possible to replace all plastic lids on the market, is made from bio-based fiber material from Swedish raw materials: spruce and pine. And due to the lid’s design, 25 percent less material is required for production.




Liplid is developed by Liplid AB in collaboration with the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE). The lid will be manufactured in Sweden.

Max Burgers

Max Burgers AB is a Swedish hamburger chain founded in 1968. In 2022 MAX has 141 restaurants in Sweden, 16 in Poland, seven in Norway, four in Denmark and three in Egypt. The Sustainable Brand Index, Europe’s largest brand study on sustainability, has named MAX the winner in the “Restaurant, Cafés & Take-away” category for the twelfth consecutive year.

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Liplid is a Stockholm based company that develops unique and sustainable cup lids for beverages on the go.
The idea and innovation is to bring the world a whole new drinking experience through the new design.  

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