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Liplid proudly announces its first order from Norway for the innovative fiber lid.

Liplid, a supplier of its newly designed fiber lid, is proud to announce its first order from Norengros in Norway, marking a significant milestone in the company’s future expansion. Known for its commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions, Liplid has gained attention for its fiber lids, which not only prioritize environmental responsibility, but also provide a superior user experience.

Liplid’s high quality, environmentally friendly lids have appealed to Norengros in Norway.  Liplid’s fiber lids are designed to meet the growing needs of businesses looking for environmentally conscious alternatives. The commitment to reducing plastic waste is in line with Norway’s stance on sustainability, making Liplid a fitting choice for companies in the region.

Norengros' goal remains to be a leading player in sustainability and environmental responsibility within its industry. Liplid represents innovation and sustainability in this context. Although the contribution may seem small in the grand scheme of things, these lids will help make a difference.

Jesper Berthold, CEO Liplid

“We are delighted to have received our first order from Norway”, says Jesper Berthold CEO, at Liplid. “This highlights the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions and confirms Liplid’s position as a reliable supplier in the market.


"We at Norengros are proud to be part of this journey together with Liplid!"

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